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While this is actually cross-platform and not necessarily Linux-specific, there's no doubt many of you out there making use of the awesomeness of XBMC (soon to be known instead as 'Kodi') Media Player would be doing so on the Penguin-powered platform.In this article we look at one of the various, but easiest, ways you can sync your XBMC/Kodi TV and Movie collections and watched status, using

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Do you fling shows to your TV via your desktop and Chromecast?

Do you upload all your photos to your i Cloud account to send them to your TV via Apple TV? What if you’re away from home on a business trip and you want to stream your TV shows to your i Pad?

At the end of the day, you may be after a simple, easy way to sync which shows and movies you have already watched, since by default, only the XBMC instance/computer you watched that media on will be 'marked' as watched.

The service in question is, a website and service that can be used for 'scrobbling' and rating TV shows and movies that you watch. It's basically like for TV shows and movies, with all the usual social media functions built in as well and even provides recommendations based on what you have already seen or what your friends have seen, if you choose to invite them and add each other on the site. So long as you already have XBMC installed and running, this is really quite easy.

Even for serious geeks with a lot of experience managing their media, it’s a huge pain to get all your devices talking and accessing the same collection. Plex is a centralized media server system that eliminates virtually every problem you run into while managing a large personal media collection.