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My engine and brakes worked perfectly the whole way. Other children were also there and multiple sources confirmed that no children had any symptoms of polio, measles, small pox, the black plague, or even the flu.

No sign of famine, war rationing, or bread lines in Charlottesville this week, although I am a bit concerned that the price of orange juice went up.” In other news, a parent reported that her daughter played in the sandbox today at their local playground.

Today it’s my very great pleasure and honour to present one of RRBC’s most supportive people and current Member of the Month, Ronesa Aveela grew up in Bulgaria and moved to the US where she completed her Master’s degree in Boston.

She is the author of the novel Mystical Emona, a non-fiction book called Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore, as well as a short stories series, Baba Treasure Chest, inspired by the magic of Bulgarian, Thracian and Slavic Mythology. Please email her at [email protected] and join her Facebook page at https:// Aveela. ~ Past, present & future come together in this explosive modern tale of love and revenge.

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Obviously the world is going to hell, not in a handbasket, but on a jet plane. And is it true, as our sources say, that you topped these cookies with chocolate sprinkles? Breaking news from Charlottesville, NC: We interrupt our broadcast to bring you this report live. Jones has just arrived home after his trip to the grocery store. His family posted a video on Youtube of him climbing into a paper grocery bag, chasing a laser pointer, and watching the birdfeeder through the window.