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Now, a year and a half later, they have a book out under the same name, out Feb. And no stone in their relationship is left unturned."It was definitely really scary," Walsh, now 28, said of delving into intimate family histories, her private thoughts, and yes, even their sex life, with an unknown audience.

These were the questions raised by 40 Days of Dating, a website created this summer by Jessica Walsh, 26, and Timothy Goodman, 32, two “Creatives” living in New York (yes, I just used creative as a noun, but reading 40 days worth of overly self-aware therapy speak in one sitting will do that to a girl).

Both single, each has the opposite problem when it came to finding romance– she falls in love too quickly, he’s scared of commitment (showing a cavalier disregard for the cliché, their couples therapist puts this down to his absent father).

He breaks off relationships before they get too serious to avoid the risk of abandonment.

He’s built up this reputation for himself as “the player,” but I see past the façade.

The adventure was chronicled in a blog — and now a book — for all to see.

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