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(Photo Source: Bosco Wong Instagram)" data-reactid="18" 19 May - Bosco Wong has nothing but nice things to say about ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu's pregnancy when asked about it recently, Mingpao reported.

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Her relaxed demeanour was quite different from the time this reporter interviewed her a year ago when she was utterly serious.

She has starred in several popular TVB dramas, such as Triumph In The Skies (2003), War And Destiny (2007) and Ghetto Justice (2011).

In the morning, he and his 23 groomsmen pulled up at her apartment in nine cars, including a Ferrari, a BMW, a Porsche and two Rolls-Royces, said Apple Daily.

Her 11 bridesmaids, including actresses Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu and Selena Li, did not hold up the ceremony by making things too difficult for the band of brothers.

In 2011, she won the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress for her role as a manipulative empress consort in period drama Curse Of The Royal Harem.