Wow updating failed

Using SSL version: Open SSL 1.0.1f (library: Open SSL 1.0.1f ) Using Boost version: 1.55.0 Could not connect to My SQL database at Unknown database 'characters' Database "characters" does not exist, do you want to create it? ''' Confirmed if doing a clean install this comes up as an issue: /* SQL Error (1054): Unknown column 'corpse Guid' in 'field list' */ If you haven't had the previous table structure, then this query fails - perhaps a if not exists check on the corpse Guid column.

I'm receiving questions about guilds being not listed.

Here is a short article to help you find or add your guild on Wo WProgress.

Recently, the update came out for 9.6 for NA, so I opened up my launcher. I had been getting this message in the launcher for about 2-3 weeks now --which was before I installed the game, don't laugh at my stats.-- I have looked for support on the forums but just can't seem to find it. It is definitely related to 9.6 coming out since when I reinstall it reinstalls and the does the update the exact same anyways.

About 1-2 seconds later I got a message saying 'Warning. Before you go ahead and reply, I HAVE eliminated these common issues, yet still no success. I restarted my PC and everything was working fine, so I would have to suggest trying that if you already haven't. Until someone more tech savvy comes along, I'll have to do, hehe. I have tried to contact customer service and they haven't even looked at the ticket yet.

Anyone who was affected should connect to i Tunes to complete the update or contact Apple Care for help.