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She received the Trailblazer award in 2013 from MTV and has been a spokesperson for woman’s rights and gender equality between projects.She will also be starred as Belle in the upcoming movie “Beauty and the Beast.” Emma is 26. Tom has been involved in some big screen movies, popular TV shows, and smaller projects these past few years. Bonnie has been very under the radar since Harry Potter ended, keeping herself busy with smaller projects and even writing and directing her own short.One thing that has baffled the mind of Potterheads since reading “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is how Peter Pettigrew managed to remain hidden as Scabbers the rat for so long.

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The Harry Potter cast has grown into cool, charming and undeniably beautiful people before our eyes.

Even back in his Harry Potter days, we were totally rooting for Harry in his romantic endeavors, but who are Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the cast dating in the non-Wizarding World?

There are holes in the walls and rubble everywhere.

It really hit home just how much this is coming to an end, but also how much Hogwarts as a school takes a battering, like the poster, pretty much half of it is all burned down.

In an interview with Huff Post, Oliver Phelps, who played George in the films, decided the twins had in fact seen the name, but had chosen not to ask Ron about it.“Maybe it’s a boo in the family that no one talks of. ’ Maybe it was an unspoken word in the Weasley family,” Phelps told Huff Post.