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She was intelligent, charming, friendly, passionate, funny, cheerful and ambitious. This, obviously, was not the answer Karen was hoping to hear. maybe, she admitted to me, it was time to just admit defeat and embrace the fact that she was going to be Forever Alone.

Now, Karen wasn’t the only person ever to feel this way.

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Appreciating Your Differences Keeping Your Partner Happy Community Q&A People have different styles of loving.

Some, for example, focus on pleasing others, some are self-centered game players, some focus on love as a deep friendship, and some, those often called "hopeless romantics," look for love that focuses on passion, grand romantic gestures, and intense closeness.

I dont see the point when they can do so much better then me, as I am a man who has nothing, no money, no emotional support, nothing!

I'm sorry to sound whiny here but this is just how I feel, and I am sick of feeling this way but I don't know what to do about it.

It’s no secret that Tinder is the classic “hookup app,” but for some indeterminate reason, it gave me another negative connotation.