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Ouro Preto fascina a todos que a conhecem, visitantes, artistas ou poetas...

É um misto de prazer, ternura, felicidade e reminiscências dos tempos de outrora.

It's a good feeling to have a tuxedo in your trunk. Someone can cut me off, and I won't give them the finger, much less honk, because I have a tuxedo in the trunk. I have a vested interest in staying cool and looking good. I could one-up him by going through the drive-thru in a tuxedo.

Lisa Iafelice [email protected] Bush [email protected] 2017 REUNION YEAR We hope you were able to relax and enjoy your families during this past holiday season.

There’s great news this issue from three classmates.

There's a wedding this weekend, and I will be wearing a tuxedo at the ceremony.

I picked it up today, so for most of the evening, I've been driving around with a tuxedo in my trunk. A Detroit Lions coach got busted for going through a Wendy's drive-thru naked.

No decorrer do trabalho, resolvemos além desses, destacar também características naturais e geográficas da cidade, pois essas acabam se encontrando diretamente com as questões históricas.