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I venture into a web of dusty alleyways, pock-marked with holes, and rickshaw-wallahs taking refuge in the shade of ramshackle buildings.

The occasional honk of a horn is the only sound that breaks the murmuring quiet that has settled over this sleepy pocket of town.

The family was convinced and asked for a transfer certificate," she added.

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The girl and her family have alleged that the school's headmistress had humiliated her, accusing her of bringing a "bad name" to the school and forcing her to leave the school. But the questions she raised while denying the girl's charges showed how life would have been unbearable for her even if she had managed to stay back at the school. They did not want their children to know about such things," the headmistress said on Thursday.

"They asked me whether I would be able to answer their children's queries if they asked me about rape.

"Anyway, since our school is up to Class VII, she would have had to seek admission in a different school after six months.

So, I suggested that the process of transfer began now.

She made her acting debut with the Telugu movie Photo in 2006.