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Today I will try explain why and how important it is for us owner of a dating site use a responsive theme for our members then they visit our websites using a mobile phone or a ipad etc. if you need the psd file you can download it here …

(open it in photoshop and make new text) (be sure you have text on both buttons) Here is how the buttons look now !

Also on the plus side, the developer documentation seems to be decent.

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Hi guys, i´m wondering what happens, when our providers will switch to PHP 7 versions. Or is there an other method to keep the scripts alive? ------------------------------------------------ This is what VLDpersonals tells customers in their "Presale-Section": " Will I have access to vld Personals source code? We designed vld Personals to be easy to customize and we believe this is one of its main advantages. As I updated my website to the new technologies, I still hesitate what dating script to use on my matrimonial website here in Romania.

When you purchase a license you will have complete access to the source code with an exception of 5 non-essential files that are encoded for security purposes and to prevent piracy. The domain name was registered long time ago in 1996.

Since you didn't do anything your software license was cancelled. Here's a link to the help desk ticket for anyone interested JAs the client has said it himself - he abused the hosting service (which is NOT even related to the software he purchased, we offer hosting for FREE as a bonus to the software purchase).

His account was not suspended right away but only after he ignored the notifications.

If You think it's too complicated - check vld Personals!