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In understanding the list, some contestants are on there twice due to the ‘veto’ rule.In the veto column you can see which Ozlet vetoed the decision, even if the decision wasn’t successful. Phillip Sheppard [Caramoan 10th] - The absofuckingworst with cherry on top - Seriously he made me want to quit survivor - NEVER again please Survivor don't do this to me again 536.

David Murphy [Redemption Island 12th] - Why does he exist i want to erase his speech from existence 527.

Diane Ogden [Africa 16th] - Terrible first boot - Borderline racist 526.

Colton Cumbie [One World 13th] - The fact that there are worse people than him is shocking - Rely he was horrible and made me ashamed of being a Survivor fan 534.

Benjamin "Coach" Wade [South Pacific 2nd] - Sucked out the soul of So Pa - Seriously his edit was horrendous and undeserved - So glad he lost pwnt 533.

Analisa cyber stalks Queen Latina and discovers her true identity: Liza Colonia.