Updating the fairness doctrine

The first edition of this bibliography was published in the fall of 2002.

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In 1998 the United States Catholic Bishops challenged Catholic schools at all levels to “integrate Catholic social teaching into the mainstream of all Catholic educational institutions and programs.” (National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions, 1998).

In their call to action, the bishops urge that Catholic schools “ensure that every Catholic understands how the Gospel and church teaching call us to choose life, to serve the least among us, to hunger and thirst for justice, and to be peacemakers.” The legal academy plays a unique and vital role in imparting the Church’s social justice tradition.

We suspect that these links have autoplay video, but have discovered, to our delight, that by not updating Adobe’s horrible Flash software, we can skip the blaring videos and go right to the transcripts. Here’s a few highlights: Peters: “I’ve just been broken into.

Two men, two I’ve shot in my house (address).” Dispatcher: “Was one of them shot? one’s down, one’s still talking here with me now.” Dispatcher: “And they broke into your home?

In the recent incident in Broken Arrow in which three young home invaders saw their dreams of stolen gold turn to a fusillade of hot lead, we’ve seen a common (but unknown to many) phenomenon come to the fore: criminals and their families feel terribly put-upon, and have an undeserved but telling contempt for their victims.