Updating the ce plant cost index

For preliminary design calculations the bare module cost (BMC) is calculated from the following formula BMC = Uf (MF MPF - 1) (BC) (For vessel and reboiler)....2.6 BMC = UF (MPF) (BC) (For Tray Stack and condenser)......2.7 Where We apply an update factor to account for inflation.The update factor is defined by: UF = present cost index/base cost index For cost updating we used the Chemical Engineering (CE) Plant Index reported in Chemical Engineering magazine.

You can download the file from have not seen such a breakdown for a whole year. But I dont think they include catalyst cost or additional costs.

I would typically take a set of mid year numbers, say June 2001, but 2001 was not a good year for averaging such statistics. Anyway, it can be found the company price list catalogs from the internet may be..! I opened the refers to certain tables that are not in the file, where I can get them. Try right mouse, Save Target as, that should download the file to your HDD. HAZOP at for Feb 2003 (final) is 397.2CECPI for March 2003 (preliminary) is 398.2CECPI for 2002 was 395.6 A comparison of March 2003 with March 2002 (391.5) shows plant cost inflation running at 1.7% for the 12 month period.

These plants are each vulnerable to air strikes, truck bombs, boat bombs, and of course, the well-equipped and well-armed single madman or small group of terrorists. (Source: The Journal )Two original safety valves at IP3 found to be insufficiently rated; in the rush to replace them before an upcoming NRC inspection, engineers install them backwards, blocking both cooling systems and disabling backup generators.

All anyone needs to do is toss a grenade into a Spent Fuel Pool and hundreds of thousands or even MILLIONS could die.(That is exactly what they did to Fort St. (Source: Nukebusters.)Contacts: New York CAN, Tim Judson, 162 Cambridge St., Syracuse, NY 13210, (315) 422-4924.

Representative UF for 2009 for base cost index of 1957-59 is calculated to be 6.034.