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The contents of this section are provided ONLY as historical reference and possible downloads to old, unsupported utilities and documents.

Re Quest Serious Play LLC does not maintain or support any of the information contained in this section of the website. To print on 8.5"x11" (letter), select "Scale to Page" when printing from Acrobat Reader.

Find your smartphone or tablet on the right side and head over to download the Framaroot APK and root your device.

i Q User Guide Details on the usage of i Q system from the i Q. The most recent version of Adobe Flash Player may cause problems with your Re Quest webserver interface. It can be installed right over the top of your existing Flash plugin. This update is NOT required for units running Serious Play 4.6.2 or higher or the Linux version 2.3.2.

Flash Plugin Patch for Windows Flash Plugin Patch for Macintosh Save the files to your desktop, unzip them, and run the program to install the fix.

Windows EXT3 File System Driver (UPDATED: ) For ARQOS hard drives released with Serious Play 4.0 or later, the media partition now uses the Linux EXT3 files system instead of FAT32 to support large hard drives.

To use the ARQOS hard drives with your Ripstation or external drive bay using Windows, please download this driver and follow the instructions.

To fix your Drivers problems you will need to know the particular model of the Phone device you are having problems with.