Japanchatbedava - Updating an erp system is added functionality

Projects to upgrade enterprise software platforms can be challenging to sell to senior management, primarily because it is difficult to show what they will be getting for their money.

This white paper describes several techniques for making ERP data available to Commerce Server applications, including batch downloads, real-time connectors, queued connectors, and mirrored updates.

The technique you choose depends on the requirements of your site, the availability and performance of your ERP system, and the availability of the different types of integration connectors to your ERP system.

Figure 1 shows a common high-level architecture for integrating an ERP system with a Commerce Server application. Sample physical architecture for integrating an ERP system with a Commerce Server application E-commerce data, such as the following, often exists on the ERP system and must be made accessible to the Commerce Server application: It is important to decide which system should own the data; in most cases, it will probably be the ERP system.

There are four common techniques for integrating data on ERP and Commerce Server applications: Using a batch download is a common technique for copying ERP-managed data from an ERP system to a Commerce Server application.

Although ERP solutions include functionality to manage the main business processes of any wholesale and distribution business, true ERP solutions also provide advanced functionality that can be added-on such as: point of sale, lot tracking, landed cost tracking, e Commerce integration and mobile barcode scanning.

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