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“Sexual assault has been a very common theme in higher education, and it should not be happening,” Portillo said.“If me coming forward helps any other victim, that’s the best thing I could have done.” Portillo alleges that in 2015, one day before her graduation, she was raped by her assistant professor of Latin American studies, a man with a history of pursuing female students and even dating them, which is against the university’s policies.However, the university released a statement on January 31st, 2017, claiming that Portillo’s claims were taken seriously from the start: We want to respond to serious allegations, made public today, that a former member of our faculty sexually assaulted a student in June 2015.

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The CARE Director must possess a broad knowledge of university policies and procedures, must have a strong theoretical and philosophical foundation in student services as well as specialized expertise and knowledge of the effects of sexual assault on victims, survivor recovery, medical and legal procedures, and university adjudication procedures.

Qualifications include: Master's degree in Counseling, Psychology, Social Work or a related field AND one year of rape crisis counseling experience.

Luz Portillo, a UC Santa Cruz alumnus who claims she was assaulted by an assistant professor at the school, has come forward to tell her story with the hopes that other students will do the same.

Portillo, who recently won a million-dollar settlement from UC Santa Cruz, spoke to the the about her case.

One of its stated goals in response to UCOP’s policy is to “identify and pursue opportunities for operational infrastructure improvements that will increase waste diversion.” The policy set landfill diversion goals of 50 percent in 2008, 75 percent in 2012 and 95 percent by the year 2020.