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Most sentient football fans by now have seen some version of the Browns jersey featuring the league’s longest list of starting quarterbacks since 1999 — a total of 22 names to date.

But even longer than that is the list of Browns quarterbacks who didn’t get the starting nod for a single game, at least not yet.

Today, we launched a national search for a newly created Executive Director position.

The position description, requirements and instructions for applying are listed here.

But one of the most common relationships you can have (and the one that most people think of when hearing the word ‘relationship’) is the one you have with your chosen, significant other. This semester, VOX Investigates will be exploring the concepts of what makes a relationship healthy and loving — as well as what makes them unhealthy sometimes.

We need these connections for mental and emotional health, and reassurance.

I still have some questions surrounding how much to impose on another person’s relationship if you notice things aren’t quite right between them and their partner, but hopefully through research …