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Dilbert: According to my body cam playback, you have repeated your point twelve times.

Maybe you could try saying other things for a few minutes. Dilbert: You're not the first to make that mistake.

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A spoof of buddy cop movies where two very different cops are forced to team up on a new reality based T. cop show, while tracking down the manufacturer and distributor of an illegal made Semi-automatic firearm.

A Florida con man uses the passing of the long time Congressman from his district who he just happens to share a name with, to get elected to his version of paradise, Congress, where the ...

He once again parodies himself in a role, albeit in a lesser way than in "Bowfinger" and "Showtime".

I don't care much for Owen Wilson, but he actually plays off Eddie well as a straight man. If this movie did a little more business, these two could talk sequel.

Their assignment: using equal parts skill and humor, catch Arnold Gundars, one of the world's most successful illegal arms dealers, and foil his treacherous plans for the plane. See more » Rock The Party Written by Raymond Scott, Mario Winans and Michael Carlos Jones Performed by Benzino (as Benzino) Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group By Arrangement with Warner Special Products See more » We all know Eddie Murphy's classic scene in "48 Hours" when he sings The Police's "Roxanne" off key.