Try updating the folder list Sex chat without sign up and credit card

I re-readded the account this time, and made sure all the settings where correct.

My hunch is last time I used the automatic setup for my gmail account and this is where things went wrong I went to the folder list.

=========== UPDATE: Also check within K9 ACCOUNT SETTINGS Changing the folder settings didn't work.

try updating the folder list-85

Advanced IMAP controls were recently rolled out to all users, so certain labels/folders may have been deemed hidden.

Click SETTINGS and then within the LABELS section, check mark those boxes whose labels you want shown as IMAP folders by selecting SHOW IN IMAP.

The route I have chosen is open the lookup and embed the files to be changed loop.

The alternative is open the file and then loop through the lookup.

I do agree, when creating a new IMAP folder, the folder should be visible right away. Depending on which server software your provider uses the behavior may be different. I'm finding that when I create or delete or rename a folder, in Thunderbird, the change isn't apparent (it doesn't display) unless I quite Thunderbird and open it again. Have you checked with your email provider about this?