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While she doesn’t want to give away much, she does reaffirm that the adaptation is pretty faithful to the beloved comic written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Perez, but does hint that a few surprises may be in store.Furthermore, Starfire and Nightwing vying for team leadership is teased, which should be doubly intriguing given that they share a romantic history.

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Jinx originally hated Kid Flash when he replaced the stolen necklace in her hand with a rose. When Jinx joined the Teen Titans they still did not get together, mainly because she was in a romantic relationship with Kid Flash, and he was in a relationship with Sarah Simms. Hand to Hand combat: She also excels at hand to hand combat.

They deeply care for each other and they help each other when one is in trouble. They did not go out though because they were on different sides. Master acrobat: Jinx is also an accomplished gymnast, capable of dodging beam-bursts, starbolts, and pillars of stone telekinetically launched at her with ease.

Prior to joining the Teen Titans, Jinx was a former top student of the H.

These three were very close friends (or at the least strong allies) at the H. She is not as experienced as the other Titans but she was able to hold her own against Raven.

Up until , she was a character that was really only hinted at in other related films, so it’s nice to see a version of her that’s more mature than what you’d find on a series airing on Cartoon Network be explored.