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The inspiration for the Formula 1 was the success of the Swatch watch, which had been launched at Basel in 1983.

The quartz crisis of the 1970s had forced the Swiss to re-think how to engineer a watch to make money at a much lower selling price- the F1 was priced around 30-50% of the price of an Autavia.

It's strong enough to survive even the most dangerous racetracks and masculine and trendy enough to make sure you stay on top of your game.

The Formula 1 collection was designed for a high speed life on or off the racetrack.

The advanced technology was inspired by the extreme performance of Formula 1 teams and is worn by champion drivers around the world.

At TAG Heuer, we beat, twist, pull and rub every bracelet over and over again to make sure it won’t wear and tear over time.

We torture every bracelet whether leather, metal or polymer with traction, friction and twisting tests.

We test the traction on our bracelets 5,000 times, test the most fragile part of the leather 5,000 more times and leave them out in the sun for 72 hours at a time in 60C/140F heat.

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