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He posted the above Instagram image that says "sorry gorgeous, I'm taken" without a caption.

Needless to say fans were left flabbergasted and not the least bit shocked. He posted this tweet, Hold up hold do you know how so pissed off i get when people label siwon a homophobe?? Yes, i knw he did make some comments about not supporting gay marriages bt that was in freaking 2007 aka 8 years back when he was younger and more careless with his words!

The song "Oppa Oppa" was first introduced in Super Show 4 on November 19, 2011.

The song released double music video: lead music video was released on December 16 and other music video was released on December 21, directed by Shindong and starring by Amber of f(x), Peter and Youngsky of One Way group and Sungmin and Shindong feature in the music video.

had two public dating relationships, he is now known Hasty Junior. Chinese actor-singer Zhou Mi is a member of Super Junior-M and SM ...