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If she's gone for more than ten minutes he sends out a search party, which is usually comprised of himself and his Jack Russell terrier, Rudy, but also sometimes one or more of the women who work in the shop making hats. Or, possibly, run off and have an affair on him, the way she did on her husband, Kelley. Hurting herself seems redundant; she is already suffering from the maximum amount of pain a person can experience.George says he understands, but he's never had a child, so how could he possibly? And yet, since Bart has gone missing, cigarettes are one of two things that make Mitzi feel better. Mitzi has become partial to a sipping tequila called Casa Dragones that is packaged in a slender, elegant turquoise box and costs eighty-five dollars a bottle at the one high-end liquor store in Lenox that sells it.

When walking in Rossio, Rossio Train Station will catch your attention with its neo-manueline style beautiful architecture.

When tired of sight-seeing, don’t forget to stop by in café Nicola to taste Portuguese sweets and pastries.

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(read more about Rossio) Walking down from Rossio is Baixa which displays a lively atmosphere for its visitors.