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Kids and teens will look for love downstairs; adults will court their new books upstairs.

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It doesn't say anything about my personality especially, but it was a useful prop when conversation faltered.

(And speaking as someone who recently forced two South Koreans in the smoking area of a pub to listen to an hour-long outpouring about the book I was reading on North Korean defectors, this is an area I’ve got form in). When one man kept my book gripped in his hand while he coughed all over it. Around 30 of us had gathered at Nordic, a Scandinavian themed bar in London's Soho -an equal split of men and women.

Growing with the characters in her book, living their dreams, pains and happiness develops her emotional intelligence.

She understands relationships much better than anyone else, and can empathize with you when you have a rough time.

Introductory price converts to $9.95 after the first month.