Sophos updating url

is In Net(dns Resolve(host), "", "")

// A request for the host vpn.or any request for a file or folder in the // location will be sent direct to the Internet.

if (sh Exp Match(host, "") || sh Exp Match(url, " return "DIRECT";// If the machine requesting a website falls within IP range, // send traffic via proxy running on port 8080.

This update adds support for LVM thin pools, enforces use of regular ethernet device names, improves Virt IO configuration, handles bridge and VG changes when restoring VMs on a new host, and fixes a bunch of small bugs.

Current users will be able to install it from our YUM and APT repositories.

This malware targets users using Android mobile devices and often masquerades as a legitimate sounding application such as Adobe Flash Player, Play Market Update, MMS Flash Player or Game Launcher.