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Because I was trying to have sex with her, I didn't bring it up. It would have been dishonest to continue to pretend that I didn't notice it, or that it wasn't a big deal.

So after kissing for a little while I stopped and said, "You know, your mouth tastes like cigarettes.

We can help with identification of Classic cars because most of us are old enough to remember them as new, and owning Vintage or Veteran vehicles, many of us, and/or our associates, are also specialists in own make or type of vehicle - These Help Pages are therefore devoted to some of the interesting enquiries received, and information that we have provided : which was of particular interest.

The surroundings looked very familiar and then confirmed that the building in the background is the now 'Fox Revived' in Norwood Hill.

The white smoke from it is the vaporized shisha/tobacco.