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In my opinion, the fee he payed to check this precious cargo was well worth the price!

Last night, I was re-watching “Friends” on Netflix with a friend.

’ And he says, ‘That’s another girl I invited to my family’s house.’ He had invited multiple women to his parents’ house for Christmas! December is a month when you’re expected to get too-tipsy on eggnog or spiked cider — and then do things you would normally regret.

So he invited me to his parent’s house in Connecticut. That’s the same train Juliet is taking.’ I go, ‘Who is Juliet?

Being single over the holidays means more time to do allll the fun things you want to do without any of the stress and drama that this time of year often brings. Now you can spend that extra money on a gift for your bestie, your fave teacher, or even yourself! You can do ANYTHING you want over the holidays Being coupled up means splitting the holidays between your bae’s family and your own, which means coordinating schedules and doing lots of compromising, often leading to major stress and anxiety (no wonder many couples fight and breakup during the holidays). Stay in bed all day with Netflix, or meet your squad at the local ice skating rink for some winter fun. Sure, your parents are annoying sometimes, and your little brother is a total weirdo, but they’re family of weirdos and you have to admit: you do love them. You can wear sweatpants all day, everyday While your coupled up friends stress over wearing the most sparkly and cutest clothes ever to impress bae and bae’s family, you can sit back and relax and stay in your cozy loungewear for…as long as you want.

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