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In a country of, what, 1.4 billion people, I think you can get at least 300-400 million basketball fans.

But I love Indian fashion – I wore a full outfit the other day and, I have to say, I rocked it.“I have been estranged from my ex-husband for four years, and he is not a part of our lives," Bowman said in a statement through an attorney.

Sources say that Marion had been telling teams for weeks that he hoped to wind up with a championship contender if he left the Dallas Mavericks in free agency.

Marion spent the past five seasons with the Mavs and helped them win the first championship in franchise history in 2011 as a key role player who guarded players at four positions.

She really is a dirty wife and loves to have naughty fun with strange men whenever she can with or without her husband Shawn. Respect to Shawn for being such a cool guy and allowing his wife to live the lifestyle in such a way. Kelly: There is a video on my site called,”Footjob? They are real videos, of us swinging before we ever planned to share them.