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Ooof, sounds like it’s going to be a long one then.” Etc, etc, etc. CABBIE (to you): Oh, I was actually speaking to my friend on the phone. Add to that the fact that most of what one can spy on the street in the wee hours of the morning is generally confined to ‘drunks’, ’prostitutes’ and ‘annoyingly fit marathon runners’, and your game might be short lived.

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(into phone): Hey, sorry - I thought my customer was talking to me. Step three: ask your cabbie what HE thinks of whichever issue is being discussed. Ask them what’s the best thing they’ve ever seen since driving a cab, and ask them about the worst.

Don’t be too tough, though, otherwise your fun game will turn into a shockingly expensive detour. Step two: ask if you can find a talkback radio show. Ask them where they’re from, then ask them more about wherever that is.

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