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How would you advise someone to have a radar for this type of thing? I once had to cancel, (on a meet) because I was sick, he stopped talking to me. I have never had someone cancel a first meet and greet but if they did and THEY suggested an alternative date and time, I would be okay with that.

Wasnt going to meet someone when I had no voice, and a cough, and running nose. If they just canceled and then said something vague like "we should plan this again some time" I would be done with them.

I’ve always been sort of ambiguous about making conclusions based on facial expressions unless the connotation was made obvious by context, and sometimes the context is ambiguous so the whole thing becomes ambiguous to me. And not traumatized as in, ‘Sherlock must really love me, since he has just sacrificed himself for me and Mary, whoa’, but more like, just shocked and horrified as the situation spiraled completely out of John’s hands.

And I could see how it’d trigger memories of Barts, too.

This becomes the key for "if it is real" or not....if they leave it open ended or say nothing about rescheduling that date for a specific should know that they are fading away, and hoping that you will as well. I had a guy cancel on me after about 6 or 7 dates into it.