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As a former prosecutor, he knows how the state builds its complaint β€” and how to pull apart a seemingly solid case.He examines every facet for opportunities to challenge the allegations: physical evidence, witness statements, victim descriptions and accounts, searches and seizures, and arrest procedures.

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Education I received my Ph D from Capella University in the field of Human Services.

I also received a Master of Science Degree from Nova Southeastern University in the field of Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Worcester State College.

I have also been an adjunct at Florida Gulf Coast University in the criminal justice program.

I provide training presentations at conferences and local human services agencies on domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape, trauma, addictions, and forensic psychology.

Records Division is responsible for registration and re-registration Monday – Friday (excluding weekends/holidays) from am - pm, located at 14750 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida 33912. 943.04354 A person who has been convicted of an offense in another jurisdiction that is similar to a violation of s.794.011, s.800.04, s. However, a person does not violate this subsection and may not be forced to relocate if he or she is living in a residence that meets the requirements of this subsection and a school, child care facility, park, or playground is subsequently established within 1.000 feet of his or her residence. A person who violates this subsection and whose conviction in another jurisdiction resulted in a penalty that is substantially similar to a felony of the second or third degree commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s.