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I like to cosplay, watch cartoons, draw/write/read and play videogames. Teen Titans and Voltron: Legendary Defender are my favorites and cats are my kryptonite.

I'm looking for someone who is interested in cartoons and cosplaying.

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But then Mert Murray knew that on the front row 5th from the left is Sandra Merritt and on the very top row, on crutches is Harvey Jordan (he had polio) His family lived and worked at Matthews Lumber Yard on St. across from the ice plant; and in the middle is Mary Henderson, the one smiling so brightly with Betty Barber the third girl to the left of her. Larry Moore had provided that photo and has furnished most of the names. Stout, see the commentary on the Childrens Museum.) FISHWEIR FIRST GRADE - MRS. Bates (Front), 17 , Bernice Coulter, Roy Shanks, Larry Moore, Charles Winn, 22 , 23, Betty Ann Wilkinson ? Oh, by the way, I remember counting ten blue crabs in Azalea Creek, which ran through Boone Park while supposedly on the way to school at Fishweir one fine morning. ) Pokey also recalls how the schoolyard was a dingy sand dune about three feet deep.

FISHWEIR FIRST GRADE CLASS -1B , 1940-41 (See text ) Then during the Fishweir Open House the third -first grade class photo of 1940-41 was found. CAROLINE STOUT - 1940-41 (From Back) 1, 2, Tom Jenkins, B. Hamilton, Betty Hildebrand, 6, Anne Jeannine Winter, 8 , Gerald ? , George Rice, Raleigh Thompson, Dudley Parr , Mitchell ? I was so late that the dust had settled on the school yard and that took a while. During the annual Halloween carnival outside (complete with those stage performances inside) there were activity booths for ring toss, baseball throw (at real glass) milk bottles, apple bobbing, etc.

'Under my understanding, the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate members' equipment when the member is not under investigation.

It is their equipment and it's supposed to be returned,' Wasserman Schultz told Chief Verderosa.

Louise "Neese" Ostner Goodling says that she was so jealous of Murlene Whitten because she got to play the triangle and Neese was stuck with the sticks. A copy may be found in the Snapshot Section toward the back of the 1949 Highlights - the Lake Shore School Annual. Azalea and Willow Branch creeks were sites of many childhood adventures not only from the banks of the surrounding parks, but from within the creeks themselves as we dug holes and built dams to create pools.