Ruby rose dating

Starring alongside Jason Statham and fellow Australian actress Jessica Mc Namee, Ruby will play Jaxx Herd in the film set for release in August 2018.

The DJ also showed insight to her training for Ares in John Wick on Saturday.

“When I realized I was going to develop breasts, I started saving for a sex change,” she says.

She's rapidly become one of Hollywood's brightest stars.

And on Saturday, Australian actress Ruby Rose hinted to her 11.1 million Instagram followers that her career is continuing to soar.

Ruby Rose has revealed the real reason behind her breakup from model Harley Gusman, whom she dated for just over two months last year.

While paying tribute to her best friend Courtney Africa Mc Lellan on her birthday, the 30-year-old actress admitted she called time on the romance because her ex put her pal's life in danger.'I broke up with a girl purely because she endangered Courtney's life being reckless on a jet ski,' the Orange Is The New Black star shared on Instagram.

In 2008, Ruby appeared on the TV series Good News Week. Many celebrities and people around the world comment on Ruby as a very sexy and attractive person. Her personality literally matches with her curves and sexism.