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like the Garden Gate, a noncommercial page run by Midwest gardening enthusiast Karen Fletcher, has one of the more useful sites, with a variety of information, including an easy-to-use guide to help green-thumbed Web surfers find what they are looking for.

(Mary Ellen Mark / Aperture) In 1983, photographer Mary Ellen Mark went to Seattle to chronicle the plight of the city's street kids in a story for Life magazine.

On that journey, she met Erin Blackwell, a young teen with a hard stare.

Focusing on publically available information only, the team created an algorithm to compare anonymous web browsing histories with links appearing in people's unprotected social media feeds.

Not to creep you out, but someone might be spying on you. The web-connected cameras on your laptop and cellphone — and your doggie-cam and baby monitor, too — are digital peepholes for hackers.

Researchers from the universities of Stanford and Princeton detailed their discovery in a paper due to be presented at the 2017 World Wide Web Conference Perth, Australia.'We show that browsing histories can be linked to social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook or Reddit accounts,' they wrote.