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As a consequence as the NBN rolls out across Tasmania, the copper wire connection at the exchange will be disconnected. Do they want the package of NBN, its phone, internet, email etc?

Not only will the copper wire be disconnected but the current services of the internet, email, Broadband, ADSL etc. There is around an 18 month transition time in which people can make some decision as to what they want, once their street or district has been NBN “rolled-out”. What else is an equivalent substitute (cost-wise, reliability, ease-of-use, etc) for what we have at present if the NBN is not taken up? With the disappearance of the copper wire land line our choice in decision making vanishes.

A Tasmanian NBN Experience April 2013 Different names have been used to protect the privacy of those involved. The copper wire phone connection For more than 70 years Australians have enjoyed a phone that works.

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term 2, sy 2004-2005 COMATH2 blockmate: miss, pwede bang gumamit ng white ballpen?

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