Pagdating ni magellan

“The peace process is certainly not working, not for the people in Mindanao and not for the Philippines.” “It is clear to me that the reason why they are pushing this is because they want peace in Mindanao.

But I still have the question in mind, is it the only thing that they want?

Ang engkwentro sa Mactan ay nararapat lamang ipagdiwang bilang isang malaking tagumpay na dapat alalahanin ng lahat ng Pilipinong mapagmahal sa kalayaan.

Dahil noong makasaysayang araw ng Abril 27, 1521, si Datu Lapu-Lapu ng Mactan at ang kanyang mga mandirigma ay pumaslang ng mananakop na Kastilang si Ferdinand Magellan at matagumpay na nagtaboy sa mga dayuhang mananakop.

” Prior to Lim’s threat, Luy said when he was locked in the said hotel room, Lim visited him and showed cellphone pictures of his mother Gertrudes Luy, while saying “Di ba mahal mo ang nanay mo?

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