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I will be ordering soon I was unable to provide the block of time to tryout a new product. Example: If you order the 7760 Hollister wipes and a new wafer & pouching system, use the wipe the first week with your current wafer, then on the second application, if you had no problems with the wipe on the first week, use the wipe and new wafer in combination. Julie, Doug, Naomi, Rudy and Rochelle we had a great time and added to our newsletter contacts.

Big suggestion on my part when planning to try a new product - #1 Plan for a timeframe that you are near to home for a week. Always use these cautionary steps and you will know what works, what doesnt work and have no embarrassing situations. She took the time to work with each ostomate, answer questions and listen to each of us. Most of all to hear the stories and see the smiles and determination of the attendees was terrific!

), but I know that sex is an important subject when it comes to ostomies.

It’s probably one of the first questions you have when you know you are going to have surgery. You wonder not only about the “how is this going to work? ” It’s also a hard question to bring up for many people, so I figure… And we’ll talk about it online so you don’t actually have to bring yourself to ask about it.

Like I said, one of my first questions once I decided to go through with the surgery was, “how is this going to affect my sex life?

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