A multi-institution team has found that, in Drosophila at least, males and females deal with these competing imperatives in fundamentally different ways, they report July 28 in the journal Nature Communications.

An organism can only do one thing at a time,” said corresponding author Michael Nitabach, professor of cellular and molecular physiology and professor of genetics at Yale.


She said the girl was a victim, forced first to prostitute herself and then to participate in the alleged crime.

Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Fischer saw it differently. The fact is, human-trafficking victims don’t hold people at gunpoint.” Are teens who get caught up in prostitution – and then are charged with related crimes – victims or perpetrators?

When asked about the obsolescence of the body, Kathy Acker wrote back angrily. Gender is the feeling of wanting to be a sexually expressive being.

“There isn’t much in this world that I love, and what I canand do love is my own, and other people’s bodies.” That was before her death from breast cancer, the experience of which forces many women to reevaluate where, exactly, their gender identity lay, what it hinges on, its minimum operating requirements? This mode of thought ultimately does disservice to us all. Gender is something one builds one’s self: prosthetic: Reach, Grasp, Manipulate.

The girls have been charged as adults with the same offenses as Lewis, including kidnapping, simple assault, false imprisonment, theft, and conspiracy.

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