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Just make sure that you're not taking advantage of their addled state, okay?

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    At the annual Samian festival called the Toneia, the "binding", the cult image of Hera was ceremonially bound with lygos branches.

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    PS: to anyone interested in finding out more about the Cypriot writing systems, I can highly recommend the book of Pippa’s previous conference, ‘Syllabic Writing on Cyprus and its Context’ (P. Steele, ed., Cambridge 2013), featuring many of the speakers who were also present at URBS.

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    A multi-institution team has found that, in Drosophila at least, males and females deal with these competing imperatives in fundamentally different ways, they report July 28 in the journal "An organism can only do one thing at a time," said corresponding author Michael Nitabach, professor of cellular and molecular physiology and professor of genetics at Yale.