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“It came to me in the wake of getting back into the dating scene,” she shares.

“Talking to my girlfriends and hearing their experiences with all the different dating apps, I thought there’s a common theme here, that’s there’s just not enough people in this very large city we live in to date.” Wanting to show how both genders handle the insanity of trying to find a mate, Mary brought on writing partner and fellow star Chris Russell for “the male perspective.” With this dynamic duo, there’s no holding back on how bad – or gross – these onscreen dates get.

on the one side seems so easy, because when you finish a relation with a girl/guy, you can meet some else the same nigth, but it is like a written code: first date you kiss each other, the second date you behave according the rule of the second date, and then the third date you can have sex. You're not obligated to give this information, but without it, people will be talking about dating in general terms.

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Think bodily functions out of control, pre-gaming dating hijacks and one gross turn-your-head moment with a bird. I still gag when I see it, and I know it’s coming,” Mary declares.

Other dating disasters in the eight-episode first season “all kind of deal with something my writing partner and I have personally, or know someone intimately, has experienced.” That includes a strange dating tale between three of her friends.

Scott Valdez, founder of, said that the seemingly endless options online can add to dater’s confusion.

“In a mega-city like NYC, there are thousands upon thousands of local singles using dating sites and apps,” Valdez said.

Hi girls and guys i have been lurking for a while, living in NY since few months. that everyone goes out with 4 different boys/girls every week?