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It refers to the belief that there is a power or powers outside one's own that transcend understanding [7].It has been stated that there are three dimensions of spirituality [8]: Pargament and Mahoney argue that, for many, spirituality involves searching to discover what is sacred, and this journey can take either traditional pathways (e.g., organized religions) or nontraditional avenues (e.g., involvement in 12-step groups, meditation, or retreat centers) [9].Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism combined account for approximately 3% of the U. An estimated 40% to 45% of Americans indicate that they regularly attend a church, mosque, or synagogue; for the past 60 to 70 years, this attendance rate has been quite consistent [1,2,3].

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According to a 2009 meta-analysis, 66% to 89% of social workers report having obtained minimal to no instruction during their education about working with patients on issues related to spirituality and religion or how their own spirituality may influence intervention recommendations [136].

Spirituality has been defined as the beliefs and practices that develop based on personal values and ideology of the meaning and purpose of life [6].

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