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Fascism is an ideology which has its roots in Europe.The foundation of fascism was laid by a number of European thinkers in the 19th century, and put into practice in the 20th century by such countries as Italy and Germany.

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For an extensive look at the role of doctors in ushering in the Holocaust, read The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton.

Part I of this book is entitled “Life Unworthy of Life: ‘The Genetic Cure.'” Nearly a hundred pages of this book is dedicated to exploring the progression from academic musings through the extermination of ‘lives unworthy of lives’ in the T4 program on the way to the full-blown Holocaust.

Other countries, which were influenced by fascism or adopted it, "imported" the ideology from Europe.

So, in order to examine the roots of fascism, we must turn to the history of Europe.

Once World War II began, Kolnai’s work was quietly forgotten because it clashed with the portrayal of Nazis in British and American propaganda as unthinking thugs.