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In spite of the marked differences observed between macroscopic appearances of Khirbet Kerak Ware and those of other coeval and local pottery productions, the results are indicative of overall local manufacturing. Mac Fadden | PI/PDFlorida Museum of Natural History Douglas S.The discolored patches resemble rock varnish, a Mn-rich coating observed on rock surfaces formed in a variety of environments.

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The results on Khirbet Kerak Ware are then compared with those of ceramics of the same period found at that site in order to highlight possible differences or similarities in the manufacturing process.

All these pottery productions reveal similar mineralogical composition, compatible with a local sourcing of the raw materials; moreover, the identification of a specific mineral assemblage allows to estimate a firing temperature ranging from 850 °C to 900 °C.

This is reflected by my Broader Impacts course as well as the new non-traditional graduate degree that I have been piloting with students from the UF biology and geology departments (see Mac Fadden and Mathis, 2010).

My interest in outreach stems from my stint as Associate Director of Exhibits and Public Programs at the FLMNH plus my year (2009-2010) as a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation in the Division of Research on Learning (EHR) and Lifelong Learning Cluster.

On a bulk chemical basis, the Seneca sandstone is relatively poor in Mn, containing ~500 ppmw.