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There might be functional differences between Netsh context commands on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.For more information on Netsh, see Using Netsh To view the command syntax, click a command: set address Configures an IP address and a default gateway on a specified interface.Solution: Complete the following steps below to change the credentials of the service account used for DHCP.

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NOTE: These instructions are designed for the experienced individual; this is not a beginners page.

Please note that Smart Viper Public DNS is IPv4 (which is most common way of using DNS).

0 Hello, In the last 5 months we just started adding Windows 7 Pro x86 computers to our Domain.

We added about 12 computers and all of them are showing up in AD but two of the computers are not showing DNS A Records.

Instead of configuring these settings, you can choose instead to configure the server to use root hints so that you can perform these configuration tasks at a later time.