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If this new prospect doesn't blow you away, it's unlikely you'll be willing to settle. It's being surprised — shocked, even — that a person who feels so right really exists. The most experienced people know to stay on solid ground.

Being single seems to define “freedom.” But freedom is overrated.

Being alone strengthens you, and it allows for a particular sort of drive: the drive to live your life in a particular way that only you can construct.

We want our independence until we realize it can become a prison of its own.

We like the idea of having no responsibilities — until we realize that a life without responsibility has no purpose.

To better narrow down their profile and likeability, users can answer Bracket-created questions, such as: , which is just a horrid, awful show. The ratings come from users who are prompted to review and rate other daters' profiles during each tournament bracket. Females get ranked starting at Alluring all the way up to Goddess; males are ranked from Handsome to Mr. Bracket was created by Whitney Linscott, a Dallas resident who left auto finance to bravely dive into the realm of entrepreneur.