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'It terrifies me, that's why I don't have kids, it scares me too much,' she said with a laugh.

Host Karl Stefanovic added that in Queensland, dating happens earlier on.

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Since we have not slept together, he will of course be trying to impress me and will, therefore, do anything I ask. When I noticed his eyes were closed for a little too long, I said “John wake up.” At which, point he shot up saying “what’d I miss.” Yes, I think that is a new low. Mary, seeking to help out a friend in need of company, forwards Tripp’s message to a girlfriend of hers and suggests the three of them go out for drinks; Tripp will be happy to agree to this scheme and spring for their drinks to boot, Mary confides, because since “we have not slept together, he will of course be trying to impress me and will, therefore, do anything I ask.” Mary also confides to her girlfriend the embarrassing detail that her previous night’s date had fallen asleep while they were having sex, an event she describes as “a new low.” However, Mary doesn’t pass Tripp’s message and her added commentary along to her girlfriend as she intended — she accidentally forwards them to Tripp himself!

Unlike John, who fell asleep during sex last night. Is this, like the other examples linked in the opening paragraph, a bona fide gaffe, or is it, like 1999’s Bryan Winter revenge tale, a likely fabrication? The addresses and phone numbers included in the text are indeed valid, but we’ve been unsuccessful so far in eliciting any confirmatory information from the people behind them.

A friend of mine is leaving for MBA School in France so, he is throwing himself a going away party at Park, ever been?

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