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The UN Security Council will hold consultations on Thursday about alleged violations by both Hezbollah and Israel of its resolution that ended the Second Lebanon War, the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit said.

Last month the IDF accused the Shi’ite terrorist organization of violating Resolution 1701, which set the terms to end the 34-day war fought between Israel and Hezbollah in the summer of 2006.

Defining Mut’a According to Shahla Haeri (1989), mut’a is a temporary marriage, “a contract between a man and an unmarried woman, be she a virgin, divorced, or widowed, in which both the period of the marriage shall last and the amount of money to be exchanged must be specified.” Witnesses are not required for such a union, nor is it usually registered.

A Shi’i man may contract as many temporary marriages as he wishes.

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