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Here, seven of the most surprising, but you've been warned: You'll never look at , "We were always more friends than anything. But at the same time, we were friends, and we were happy to film together." If that's true, then why was Lauren so upset when her now former friend Jen Bunney made a play for him? Jen Bunney and Brody Jenner Never Hooked Up Even though viewers were made to think that Jen Bunney violated the girl code and hooked up with Brody at Lauren's 21st birthday party, nothing of the sort ever happened Spencer Pratt has proof!

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In addition, Drina stated her one regret from her MTV tenure.

And, no, it wasn't isolated to a singular incident or relationship.

I’m happy where I am now, and the past is the past!

" Like JB memorably uttered, "Truth and time tells all" -- so there we have it.

supposed romantic encounter, the former MTV cast member is telling all about the unforgettable quasi love triangle.

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    Earlier this month, Universal offered fans a first look at its brooding version of the MCU and DCEU: the aptly-titled Dark Universe.

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    Fortunately, the rest of Darwin’s visage compensated for his sluggardly proboscis: “His brow saved him.” The idea that a person’s character can be glimpsed in their face dates back to the ancient Greeks.