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Also, when (I believe it was Jennifer Beals) was asked about how she handled learning how to be intimate-acting with a woman on the show she cited asking people for advice and she listed known bisexuals or lesbians that work on the L word and Katherine Moennig was one of those names.

She auditioned for the role of Brandon Teena in Boys don't cry.

Kelly came in close for a picture, Ana is bending slightly over the wheel chair. If that's you're best body language reading, you should go back to basic training.

Kelly has Ana by the waist so tightly, Ana's butt is leaning towards Kelly's body, kelly is holding Ana by her waist...this a cuddly picture of Ana with Kelly.

Finally Kate teaches Liz how to cook “Beer Can Chicken.” There’s a lot of Kate, and we couldn’t be happier.

Tune in around and get your daily fix of Kate this week by watching this video where Kate has been the most playful we’ve ever seen her.

Each show featured a regular section in which Liz Feldman would bring on her friend and co-producer Raimy Rosenduft to talk about new music.