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The 30-year-old brunette bombshell revealed she's expecting her first child with actor beau Bradley Cooper!

He drives to Zellman's house, confronts him and beats him with a belt, humiliating him in front of Irina.

It is later revealed that Zellman broke up with Irina shortly afterwards as a result of his stamina being sapped as a result of the beating, and being embarassed at his subsequent impotence.

This plays a large part in Irina later contacting Tony's wife Carmela, to let her know of Tony's relationship with her cousin Svetlana.

Irina's cousin Svetlana was a care-taker to both Tony's mother Livia, and to his Uncle Junior.

The Oscar winner rang in his 42nd birthday with many of the couple’s closest friends at their swanky Pacific Palisades home. News Thursday Cooper had "something very special planned for Irina's birthday.” The source continued on to say, "He already got her some very thoughtful gifts and some of the gifts might just even sparkle" Some of the notable guests at the celebration were Sienna Miller, who co-starred with Bradley in "American Sniper”; Jonah Hill, who starred with him in “War Dogs”; Alyssa Milano and her husband, David Bugliari; Dave Chappelle; and Lady Gaga, who is appearing alongside Cooper in the remake of “A Star Is Born,” which he will direct.